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Painting tips

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

1. Use a No. 2 pencil to draw artwork directly on the bisque. Don't worry, the pencil lines will burn off in the kiln.

2. One coat of paint will reveal brush strokes after the item is fired. If you prefer a more solid color, use two or three coats. Be sure to let item dry before you apply next coat of paint. You can use a hair dryer or fan to speed up the process.

3. Light colors will not show up well when painted over a dark color. You can apply three coats; however, for best results paint light colors directly on the white bisque.

4. Colors get darker when fired so be sure to have a few different color values if you want to see contrast (i.e. a very light color, solid medium color and a dark color).

5. If you prefer a white background, you do not need to apply paint.

6. For a crisper outline, you can request paint pens. Gently squeeze out any air bubbles before applying paint pen to bisque. Use gentle and constant pressure to paint pen to ensure smooth lines.

7. If you would like a watercolor effect, add water to the paint to make it more transparent. Add more water to the first layer of paint, reducing the amount of water for each coat. The thicker paint will go on darker and should be used as the top coat. You can apply more coats of the thicker paint. This technique will give you depth. Apply the paint in a less precise method to achieve the watercolor effect.

8. Rinse your brush between color changes. Use the enclosed sponge to dry excess water from your brush before dipping into new color. If your brush is too wet, your paint will run when applying to bisque.

9. Apply water to enclosed sponge to wipe off excess paint.

10. Use enclosed sandpaper to sand off mistakes. Be sure the paint is dry before sanding. Otherwise the paint will smear and be harder to remove.

11. Use the enclosed grease pencil to sign your name to the bottom of your piece. This pencil will NOT come off when firing so be sure you use only where you want to see permanent markings.


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