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From Beancounter to Business Owner

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

I am a former Corporate tax nerd. Deadlines, tax returns and audits ruled my life for my entire career. I saw multiple mergers and acquisitions which always meant more work with less people due to Synergies. Synergies is corporate speak for layoffs.

The 2018 and 2019 tax season was brutal and after missing every Spring holiday and family gathering, I decided something had to change. My decision was made for me when 90% of the employees in my building were laid off. It was tough since I worked with many of these people for years.

Instead of looking for another corporate job, I started dreaming about opening my own ceramics business. Yes, even beancounters can be creative. Unfortunately COVID smashed everyone's dreams. I started dusting off my 10 key and the rest of my beancounter tools, (no, not an abacas but all accountants have a favorite pen or pencil) and began the corporate job search.

I am blessed with a persistent husband who believes in my dream. He convinced me to "Keep Calm and Fire On!" We pivoted and came up with a mobile business model. I turned my setback into a comeback.

Families may need a creative outlet while things get back to normal. You can create art in the comfort of your own home. We deliver to elderly loved ones and daycares with our touchless delivery.

Our hope is to provide a safe, fun and no hassle experience. Remember us for your family art night or next event.

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